Training Programmes

Three – four hour workshops:

  • Time Management (The Common Sense Guide to Getting the Important Things Done)
  • Better Business Writing (How to Get What You Want From Written Communication)
  • Managing People (An Emotionally Intelligent Way of Getting the Best From People)
  • Leadership (Directing Not Drowning)
  • Listening Skills – can also be done as a one hour session                                                                       
  • Demystifying Advertising (What Does Everybody Do All Day At My Agency?)
  • Stress Busting
  • Getting the Best Out of Nerves
  • How to Get, and Give, A Better Brief
  • Goal Setting, and Sticking, Without the Grief – can also be done as a one hour session
  • Email Etiquette
  • Meetings with Purpose
  • Writing and Structuring Presentations
  • The Benefits of Principled Negotiating – Success and Long Term Relationships


Short day

  • Time Management (How to Achieve Your Dreams and Make Everyone Else Happy Too)

Full day

  • Leadership (Leading Without Losing It)
  • Presentation Skills (You Are Already Very Good, You Just Need Some Practice)
  • Presenting with Confidence (Co-Tutored)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Better Client Service


Mentoring  One-to-one time management mentoring, as example

Consultancy and Research.  Particularly on CPD implementation needs such as welcome programmes and appraisals, evaluation, training effectiveness and return on investment.  Also writing best practice guides and designing online workshops.

Main skills:  training useful to both the attendee and the business.  I always try and make sure it is used and has lasting results.  Always enthusiastic, engaging, relevant, practical and fun.  Please see testimonials and reasons to hire me.


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