Making Sure Your Training Does Not Go to Waste – Top Tips

1.      You must have management support


2.     How is this development goal connected to the business goals?

3.    Always know what success looks like

4.    Do a little less and do it better

5.    Perfect planning prevents poor performance

6.    Push back if the objective is not suitable for training

7.    Have a written proposal

8.    All adults learn by doing, and doing something where they can see the benefit to their job

9.    External providers are getting a lot of money from you – they can do more to help pre and post to embed the learning

10.  Be very cautious about putting someone senior on a course with their junior

11.  Sell the training to attendees  – WIIFY

12.  Do invites that inspire

13.  Encourage attendance via carrot: food, competitiveness, team spirit, prizes; and stick; sanctions

14.  Have a policy about handling audience disruption

15.  Design a happy sheet which helps you improve in future and makes them think about what they have learned

16.  Get those back at the ranch to help embed learning

17.  Always have a follow up some months later

18.  Waterfalling knowledge has many advantages

19.  Use appraisals to link back round to check what you are trying to do for the business; and to remind everyone of the investment

20.  Shout about your successes


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