Introduction – Why Choose Me?

I care passionately that learning is actually used; and that this benefits the individual and the business. I believe strongly that emotional intelligence makes us both better people and more successful managers. I am grateful when knowledge and time are shared, and try to give mine away often.  I have extensive industry experience, my training gets used not wasted and I am excellent value.

Extensive Experience

I have worked in and with agencies for over 30 years.  I am lucky enough to be an Honorary Fellow of the IPA and chair the IPA Training Forum. I am the co-author of the IPA’s Online Modules on evaluating training, running effective appraisals, how to plan a training programme and how to have the best welcomes.

To my delight I man the Foundation Certificate helpdesk, worldwide, and run workshops on demystifying advertising.

I am an assessor for CPD Gold and tutor the Best Practice and Gold CPD workshops. I  have been involved with the IPA one2one scheme for six years and help agencies with advice on their mentor schemes. My favourite workshops, which I tutor for the IPA, are Time Management, Managing People and Leadership workshops.

IPA Diversity team asked me to help on the female confidence boosting events ‘Stepping Into The Spotlight.’

I coordinate the industry trailblazer tasked with producing new Apprentice Standards.

My training gets used, not wasted

All my tutoring is tailored by brief from client and a pre-stage with attendees.  It is always followed up as part of evaluation.  Most training gets wasted, so I work hard with agencies to get attendees to use the learning to benefit themselves and the business.

Although I have experience of training at all levels I particularly like helping younger people.  I have won awards for my graduate training programmes.  Equally, I regularly and successfully tutor board directors, for example the IPA’s mentor programme and the one day Leadership workshop.

I am excellent value.  (When I was a training manager I was shocked at how much external trainers charged when they often didn’t do as good a job as I did.)  For example a typical three – four hour tailored workshop costs from £850 and can often accommodate large numbers. My quoted costs always include my travel, prizes, materials, pre and post stages unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Most recent clients include: The IPA, Adam & Eve DDB, AMV BBDO, Frame, Kindred, McCann Central, NOW, PHD Media (Dublin), The & Partnership, The Moment, W+ K, woolleypaugyro.

Feedback can be found on each of the training courses and also in the “Nice Things Said of Me” Page.

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